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As an award-winning software engineer with demonstrated history in the tech industry, I bring a blend of backend and frontend development skills to the table. I started my journey at CGI Inc. (Canadian firm with HQ in Montreal) at their Bangalore, India office, where I honed my service oriented architecture and web development skills using Java and Spring, and was awarded for building innovative solution to reduce production downtime during maintenance cycles.

This journey continued at Deloitte Consulting US-India (U.S. firm with HQ in New York) at their Bangalore, India office, where I further enriched my skills with cloud-native technologies such as SpringBoot, Microservices, and on-prem to cloud migrations, outperformed expectations consistently, and was awarded multiple times for my dedication to solving problems, taking up challenges to explore new technologies, developing innovative solutions, and leading the delivery of critical parts of complex enterprise applications.

Beyond my tech persona, I am an avid lifelong learner, consistently upgrading my skills to stay relevant in the ever-evolving tech industry. My certifications in cloud architecture design, setup, and management on AWS, postgraduate certificates in Computer Application Security, and Cloud Computing & Blockchain and my Bachelor's & Master's in Computer Science & Engineering are a testament to this.

I am casually looking for software development roles, where I can leverage my skills and experience to deliver amazing web experiences for users. If you are looking for a tech professional with a knack for building applications for the cloud and an unwavering commitment to excellence, let's connect!

Top Skills

Cloud Infrastructure • Amazon Web Services (AWS) • Web Application Development • Spring Boot • Microservices


Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Cloud

  • AWS Certified Developer Associate in progress
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Work Experience

Education Break

Currently on an education break to pursue education in Cloud and Security domains. Completed a few AWS certifications and built some full-stack applications using cutting edge web technologies. You are already looking at one of them.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

  • Completed Cloud Computing & Blockchain postgraduate certificate program from Saskatchewan Polytechnic with great distinction.
  • Dean's Honour List award recipient.

Deloitte Consulting USI, India

Deloitte Consulting US-India Offices (USI) is an extension of the Deloitte US organization serving clients within USA, from it's offsite offices in India.

Senior Technology Consultant

  • Lead a team of six junior developers to enhance the reliability and accuracy of a usage reporting application by 30%.
  • Streamlined the development processes by enforcing best practices to improve code quality and reliability of the system.
  • Reduced the risk of security incidents by designing a framework to access sensitive application data from a vault.

Technology Consultant

  • Developed the client's support portal which is a one stop shop for all the support related needs for business users.
  • Increased code re-usability and system reliability by developing a common foundation for all microservice modules.
  • Improved the performance of mission-critical features by 25% by optimizing application code and database queries.

Technology Analyst

  • Developed the client's HR Portal with more than 15 independent modules with a diverse set of HR related features.
  • Reduced the operational costs of the portal by 20% by re-writing the legacy Coldfusion application using Spring Boot.
  • Improved the efficiency and security of the modules by up to 80% by re-architecting backend services for the cloud.

CGI Inc., India

CGI Inc. is a Canadian IT consulting and systems integration company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Associate Software Engineer

  • Developed a framework to manage the state of system services which reduced the maintenance downtime by 95%.
  • Migrated SOAP web services in legacy applications to REST endpoints in modern Spring Boot-based microservices.

Skills & Tools

I started my career as a software engineer about 8 years ago. I've tried some programming languages and tech stacks, both back-end, and front-end.

Even though the scope of software and web development is broad, I was primarily focused on back-end development. However, recently I have also started learning more about front-end technologies and designing clean, minimalistic, and modern UI interfaces.

Back-End Development

I love creating back-ends that are on the bleeding edge of technology, that work reliably, and are highly scalable.

I have enjoyed using microservices to create enterprise web applications, including:

  • Customer Support Portal
  • User Dashboard
  • Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Services
  • Human Resources Portal
  • Usage Reporting Services
  • M2M IoT Platform

and others.

Front-End Development

I am also enjoying making simple web pages like the ones on this website. So, what tools did I use for creating this website?

  • React
  • Next.js
  • RadixUI
  • TypeScript

UI/UX Design

Designing user interfaces is something I want to get into in the long term. While I have been doing back-end design for a while now, I have not been able to fully express myself in my creations simply due to the fact that I did not know how to do UI/UX design and develop a front-end interface.

Doing UI/UX design alongside back-end development will finally allow me to create the best possible and complete user experiences.

The biggest challenge thereafter will be finding the balance between creating a great user interface and an amazing user experience.

Summary of Skills

I have represented data in badges with indicators to make it more expressive. The underline indicator shows how often I used the related item, e.g.:

Frequently Used Occasionally Used

Programming Languages

Java SQL Shell
TypeScript JavaScript HTML CSS

Libraries & Frameworks

Spring Boot REST API GraphQL
JPA Hibernate PostgreSQL MySQL
Tailwind CSS React Next.js



Softwares and Tools

IntelliJ IDEA WebStorm VS Code Postman Git GitHub
OpenAPI Swagger CrushFTP Jenkins Docker Kubernetes
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