Shubham Gulati

I started my professional career as a software engineer in 2016. In 2023, I resigned from my job to move to a new country and start life all over as an immigrant.

I moved to Canada. 🙌🏻

Deloitte Consulting

Senior Technology Consultant

Bangalore, IndiaJun 2022 - Nov 2022
  • Lead a team of six junior developers to enhance the reliability and accuracy of a usage reporting application by 30%.
  • Streamlined the development processes by enforcing best practices to improve code quality and reliability of the system.
  • Reduced the risk of security incidents by designing a framework to access sensitive application data from a vault.

Technology Consultant

Bangalore, IndiaSep 2019 - May 2022
  • Developed the client’s support portal which is a one stop shop for all the support related needs for business users.
  • Increased code reusability and system reliability by developing a common foundation for all microservice modules.
  • Improved the performance of mission-critical features by 25% by optimizing application code and database queries.

Business Technology Analyst

Bangalore, IndiaApr 2018 - Aug 2019
  • Developed the client’s HR Portal with more than 15 independent modules with a diverse set of HR related features.
  • Reduced the operational costs of the portal by 20% by re-writing the legacy Coldfusion application using Spring Boot.
  • Improved the efficiency and security of the modules by up to 80% by re-architecting backend services for the cloud.

CGI Inc.

Associate Software Engineer

Bangalore, IndiaAug 2016 - Apr 2018
  • Developed a framework to manage the state of system services which reduced the maintenance downtime by 95%.
  • Migrated SOAP web services in legacy applications to REST endpoints in modern Spring Boot-based microservices.