Meeting yourself

You should spend time with yourself, try to get to know yourself better, and discover the hidden parts of your identity.

I was watching a YouTube video from a wise person and he was asking how frequently you spend time with yourself. At first, his question didn't make much sense to me. What do you mean by spending time with yourself then he explained every morning you get up you start using your phone you start chatting with someone or maybe you start using some application you are meeting other people the first thing in the morning you know so much more about other people than you know about yourself, so why don't you just spend a few minutes with yourself in the morning doing nothing no distractions just trying to understand yourself, better. And I was quiet, and I found the fact quite intriguing because, in the chaos of everyday life, we forget to spend time with ourselves. We forget what drives us. Why do we do the things that we do? It's like you are just running on a track without much thought you don't know why you started but you just know that every day you get up and you do certain things but you never think about what's important to you. You never evaluate your choices so I thought it was not a bad idea to start doing that Thanks to the algorithm gods, on the same day I came across another set of videos on YouTube, that were related to something called lucid, dreaming and then I thought isn't lucid, dreaming the best way to spend time with yourself used to do lucid, dreaming many years back when I was in university but then I didn't continue that for a long time. I had an idea what losing lucid dreaming is but I wanted to discover it more. Then on the same night, I slept with the idea in my mind that I was going to have a lucid dream tonight. Of course, there was a lot of revision involved about dreaming, but I had an idea of how it's done so it wasn't very difficult for me to experience it again, and then something surprising happened when I woke up I could remember the dream for sure, but I felt very fresh like I haven't felt that fresh in a significant time. My focus was quite better. My energy felt quite high, and I also felt more creative than any other day, so if you don't know what lucid dreaming is, I suggest you get onto the internet and begin your journey.

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